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tarot card reading workshop, tarot workshop in jaipur, tarot workshop in india, tarot  card reading, learn tarot, workshop on tarotAs a researcher I am trying to open many secrets of Tarot cards from last many years and when I was studying history I found that Tarot is originated in India. Here I am not interested to provide evidence because anyone can misuse this but with the reference of Panchtantra and Shiv puran I found some very strong proves which are not avoidable. Many countries claims so much about the birth of Tarot Cards but they don't have strong evidences. It is a big fact that we were late for printing technology and European countries were so fast, they were very much on time to welcome new technologies and they printed many documents before us. This is not only the reason for my claim so it shouldn't take as an evidence there are so many things which I always share with my students and followers.

As per European readers, in the early ages somewhere in European countries like Italy and France people use this deck as playing cards, it was mid 15th century. Tarot was known as a pack of playing cards. Italians were calling this Tarocchini and French called this Tarot. Both countries accepted many times that it was just a game there, no one is able to answer that when and who started prediction from this. As per Egyptian mythology Tarot got mystical powers in Egypt but how and when, then they don't have correct answers.

In India, we have number of systems which are always helpful in future predictions and it has proved many times, for example: Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Ramal Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Krishnamurti Padyati, Tadi Patra, Bhrigu Sanhita and many more subjects. Samudrik Shastra and Palmistry are the very good examples of this series. We know how to read nature and nature's symbols even with hand writing patterns and Tarot is a collection of different symbols. Now let's talk about basic Features of Tarot Cards:
A single Deck of Tarot Cards carries four suits; you can call them four series also. Each of these suits has pip cards numbering from Ace to King, for a total of 14 cards. In addition, the Tarot is distinguished by 22 cards "Major Arcana". Total cards are 78 and every picture in the deck tells about everything of our life. As a Tarot Card Reader I Advice my students that always follow the cards, as a human you can be wrong but your cards can not." I really feel so bad for those people: who says that Tarot Cards needs to be charged regularly and if you don't do this then tarot will lose their powers". I request to all of you if you cannot guide anyone then kindly do not misguide. To my students don't listen all this useless stuff just follow the words of your own heart and mind. Tarot has its own energy anyhow whether you charge it or not, you just keep this safely and at a holly place because the work you are doing is very much divine work and it need respect and regards nothing else.
In all 78 cards, every card has so many secret symbols which are related with some particular energy and if you are a good student of astrology then you will learn how Tarot is telling about the Planets and how we are affected from the planet's routine walk.
There are so many decks are available in the market these days but very few are really good for predictions. I was taking my class in Mumbai in 2010, a student came to me and asked; madam how should I choose my deck because someone told me that when you go to market and just observe the energy of deck, which attracts you, that is your deck. I smiled and replied my dear friend your deck and destiny already chosen you that is why you are here, if you will play energy games here then education will be far away. I advice you all that please don't do this to yourself, we don't have so many options very few decks are good for studies don't follow anyone blindly.

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