Paper-1 (Basics of Palmistry)

History of palmistry:

  • Prologue to worldwide palmists,
  • Writers of Indian and worldwide author of Samudrikshastra-Brahma, Narad, Samudra Rishi.

Reading of Hand:

  • The Authorized persons to study palmistry
  • Duties of a palmist
  • Best time for palm reading
  • Apt place for palm reading
  • The best Instruments for smooth reading
  • Methods of taking palm prints.

Palm Analysis:

  • Shape and qualities of palm,
  • Types of palm and their shape
  • Impact of skin and color.
  • Positions of Planets on Hand:
  • Position of mounts and planets in palm-Sun, Moon, Mars, Lower Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and ketu.
  • Relocation of planets and its effects.

Description of Fingers:

  • Shapes of fingers
  • Types of fingers
  • Impact of skin shade and separation in fingers
  • Finger parts and sign examination, nails and their shape also types with their importance and so forth.


  • Types of thumb
  • Importance of thumb
  • The Impact of thumb in one's life

Paper-2 (Analysis of Lines)

Lines Analysis:

  • Analyzing the various lines on a palm:Life line, Head line, Heart line, Destiny line, Sun line, Fish line, Travel lines, Marriage line, Lines for youngsters, misfortune lines, Wrist lines, Venus line, Mercury line, Mars line and so forth.

Forecast by Lines:

  • Difference in the main and secondary lines
  • Investigation of plain palm or palm with too many lines
  • forecast utilizing substitute lines if fundamental lines are missing
  • Calculation of time of occurring of an event.

Signs Analysis:

  • Kinds of principle signs found on a palm
  • Differentiation of diverse Signs- imperative signs, uncommon signs, purposes behind signs and their belongings.

Paper-3 (Practical)

  • Study & foresee on the basis of diverse sorts of hands and palms
  • Different Planets and their position in the palm
  • Lines in the palm and fingers
  • Why Thumb are also needed to be delineated from different hands.
  • Analyze the results with events & occurings.


Paper-1 (Palmistry)

Analysis of Disease:

  • Knowing illnesses by palm reading
  • Information of disease by inspecting the fingers and nails
  • Close prediction of typical and strange infections
  • Knowing cause and time of diseases.


  • Knowing Rajyoga and so on from palm
  • Impact of great and terrible yogas


  • Knowing shared benefits, nature, and scholarly, meeting expectations limit, common comprehension, affection and conduct of two locals.
  • Examination of match making framework, utilization of matching framework in day by day life.


  • Remedies for negative impacts, coming of goodluck, wellbeing, peace what's more instruction and so forth.

Paper-2 (Face Reading)

Face Reading:

Types of faces:

  • Understanding the personality of different faces.
  • Studying the different lines on the face.

Study of Eyes:

  • Different types of eyes and their importance, their nature, ailment related, connection of eyes with eyebrows, the different types of eyebrows and their belongings
  • Prediction by observing the eyes.

Study of Ears:

  • Importance of ears
  • Types of ears
  • Impact of hairs on the ear
  • Understand the contrast in personalities because of small and big ears
  • Impact of unusual ears
  • Knowing the age by inspecting the ears.

Study of Nose:

  • Different types of noses
  • Contrast between little, long, flat and abnormal noses
  • Understanding the personality by nose.
  • What are the effects of a Mole:
  • Moles found on different places and their effects
  • Meaning of a mole on a face or palm or other places on the body
  • Different types of moles and their impacts

Parts of Body:

  • To know the future by studying the different parts of the body
  • Impact of missing part or additional part in the body.

Carriage Analysis:

  • Effect of distinctive carriage, impact of sustenance propensities, apparel, filtering, strolling and so forth.

Paper - 3 (Practical)

  • Foresee & recognize different diseases from reading the palms of persons.
  • Compare with the original outcomes.
  • Recommend cures and demonstrate that cures really reacted with true circumstance.
  • Study from a known palm whether any yogas are structured and show whether comes about really contrast and expectations.
  • Do matching of two known persons and contrast and brings about genuine living.


Paper -1(study of Palmistry)

  • Investigation of Important Palms : Study and expectation on the premise of face and palm of essential identities like Shankaracharya, Kaka Hathrasi, Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru, Sikandar, Syed Peer, Benazir Bhutto, Swami Vivekanand, Mehandi Ali, Khet Singh Rathore, Mahatma Gandhi, Cheiro, Madam ,Sarabernhert, Sir Arther Saliwan and so on.

Paper -2 (Project)

Palm Reading :

  • Take palm print of somebody & anticipate in insight about him for
  • The past and future. Contrast and the real happenings throughout his life.

Face Reading :

  • Take photos of an individual in distinctive poses
  • Learn all about the subject from his face reading and different postures.

Paper -3 (Study of Original Texts & Dissertation)

Bhartiya Samudrik Shastra:

  • Study of Bhartiya Samudrik Shastra-Palmist attempt and Face Reading.
  • A self investigation of Original Texts : In this course a discriminating examination of al slightest two unique writings must be carried out on a given subject and this is to be create in

Types of a postulation. A short rundown of fundamental writings is given underneath:

  • Bhartiya Samudrik Shastra,
  • Identifying the disease by palm reading
  • Hastrekha Shastra Ke Vaigyanik
  • Siddhant Hast Sanjivan
  • Sharirik Shastra.

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