India is a country which has ever always been pictured as the land of magicians and charmers of intense occult. Since old times, India has been at the bleeding edge of study and absorption of paranormal. Numerous occult and mysterious controls were initiated here and developed to achieve a definitive apex. In the meantime, India Imbibed mystery in all arrangements from diverse parts of the world yet tragically, much of this information vanished in the layers of time. On the other hand, of whatsoever is left of this art, is ample enough to awestruck even the skeptic men of this advanced world now. India has various interlinked abstemious customs and philosophical tutoring frameworks which plan to look into Divine energies and the obtaining of mystical forces. Chronicle Vedas give rational elucidations and annotations of the Upnishads; an incomprehensible accumulation of aged hymns.

International School of Astrology and Divine Sciences (ISADS) objectify to offer a full scope of these subjects under one roof...Know More

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Krishnamurti Practice called KP Astrology
  • Ramal Shastra : practice of future prediction by rolling Dices
  • Vastu Shastra: Ancient Indian architectural set of rules interweaved with standards of circulating energy fields of life
  • Palmistry
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Numerology
  • Hypnotism
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Karamkand: The procedure of Homa and other planetary cures
  • Lal Kitab Jyotish
  • Healing ( Vashistha Vidya )
  • Angel Healing

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Acharya Anupam Jolly

"I believe everyone wants to have a" ‘Meaning full life’. "The journey of life with the awareness of ‘the right path’ and the ultimate goal of your life is to be ‘an achiever’, makes your life ‘MEANING FULL’. This is not just a philosophical quote; this is the experience of my life…" Know More

"Aacharya" Himani "Shastri"

Himani Shastri ji "was born in a family where she is so tough spiritual practices taking place generations of the generations. Generally, people struggle for their third eye awakening; it is God-gifted to her. She can easily find out what things are necessary to bring positive results at your home, office and building to put the things on track. This helps in in your prosperity and development...." Know More

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What Our Client Says

Alka Yagnik

Indian Playback Singer

Very Positive vibes & Pretty Accurate ! Pleasure to interact with… Thanks Luv

Anu Choudhary

I am Jhamar to all divine energies who made Acharya Anupam Jolly A channel to give me these holy, valuable teaching. To bless Acharya Anupam Jolly and His Family with lots and lots prosperity, Health, peace, and whatever his right for him and whatever his heart desires. With thanks and in full faith. So beti.

Dr. Veena K Arora

The Tarot sessions were quite interesting, Thanks

Dr. Nisheeta

God sent Blessing… that I come here… got all answers form past, present & future. May god given me enough strength commitments & devotion to pussue the knowledge I have gathered from hose.

Manoj KR Mitra

Highly satisfy about teaching style & also behavior of sir & Madam.

Vaishali Bagdi

The experience of learning a student’s of Himani madam the course provided here for fast reading in highly satisfy.

Sanchit Bagra

Experience was good with Anupam Sir and am happy with the guidance given by him

Vijayta Jaswani

Very nice experience learned most good experiences of life.

Pratishtha Nainthani

I am so much in love with the that I enjoy being with Himani Ma’m I learnt so many things and thank u ma’m for always guiding me. Thank u is small to say trust I we you all many respect and love thank u ma’m & sir.